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Let All That You Do Be Done In Love.


What is it? RSHE stands for Relationships, Sex & Health Education. Relationships and health are usually covered in 'PSHE' lessons, in general everyday classroom learning, in assemblies and sometimes in science (e.g healthy eating). Increasingly, learning about online safety touches on these issues also. Sex education is part of the science curriculum, and parts of PSHE too.


All of these areas are cross-curricular but in the Worstead Curriculum, RSHE is taught under the umbrella of 'Life Skills'.


What's changed? At Worstead, we have consulted and trained on, planned, and begun our RSHE curriculum as originally planned for September 2020, although the government has postponed its statutory introduction this year. Sex education will still be able to be opted out of, although as now, if this is chosen by parents/carers, they are obliged to meet the headteacher of the school to discuss the implications of this and ensure that they are aware of the negative effect it could have if a child has a different level of learning in this area from their peers. There is also a safeguarding dimension to be considered. The elements of sex education that are part of the teaching of science cannot be opted out of - these are every child's entitlement under the National Curriculum.