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The EYFS is a play-based curriculum and children in Reception are given lots given lots of opportunities to play and explore. This may include imaginative role play games, being outside, sharing stories or expressing ourselves through art, music, dance.  Children who are Home Learning should aim to learn through play as much as possible. Some areas of the curriculum that may need a more focussed adult input are detailed below:



  • Hears and says the initial sound in words.
  • Can segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together and knows which letters represent some of them.
  • Links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.



  • Uses some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds correctly and in sequence.
  • Writes own name and other things such as labels, captions.



  • Recognise some numerals of personal significance.
  • Recognises numerals 1 to 5.
  • Counts up to three or four objects by saying one number name for each item.
  • Counts actions or objects which cannot be moved

Click on the links below to find online lessons.

These lessons have been selected because your child has been working on these subjects during this school term.



Spelling lists for you to practice at home:


Capital letters and full stops:

Using full stops:

Using capital letters for names:




Addition and subtraction within 10:

Numbers to 10:


History and Geography: 

Seven continents:




Seasons and weather:


Religious Education:

The Christmas Story: