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Complaints Policy 2020-2021

Please find the current Parental Complaints Policy below, relevant to the academic year 2020-2021. We hope you do not have cause to need it. We welcome informal feedback in all matters, but handle complaints by asking parents to follow the policy.


Staff at Worstead live and work by our school motto, "Let all that you do be done in love." We are here only for your child and their education, but sometimes mistakes or oversights can be made. We understand that your child is the most precious thing you could entrust to us - most of us are parents ourselves. 


Our principle is that it is always best to raise a concern or a complaint at the earliest possible opportunity, directly with the staff member closest to the issue, who is most likely to know about it and do something about it. We also expect that a parent/carer complaint is made in good faith, and genuinely seeks to accept a reasonable resolution. This is because many troubling situations at school are often the result of a misunderstanding or limited information. Our staff will always try to give the benefit of the doubt to children and parents, and expect to be treated in the same way. We want to help.


In general, an issue about your child's education should be addressed to their class teacher directly. A routine matter, e.g. a lost coat or a bumped head, is most appropriate for the office or the class TA. Queries about wider school policy should be brought to the attention of the Headteacher or Senior Teacher. 


Only if these avenues have been exhausted and no resolution appears to have been made, should a complaint be escalated further to the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors. External authorities will seek evidence that both parents and schools have followed the school's policy to its end, before they will be consider making a further investigation. 


With that said, the vast majority of concerns and worries can be dealt with at the playground gate. Please don't hesitate.