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17.03.23 - Homework

Two pieces this week.


The first ("comma splices quiz) is the usual 20 question quiz. The children should think back to our work in class but a comma splice is when two main/independent clauses have been separated by a comma only. That is a mistake. Main/independent clauses can be separated by full stops, semi-colons, dashes, colons (if the second clause explains the first) or commas and conjunctions together. For me, it doesn't matter whether or not you use a comma before a conjunction.


The second ("verb tense hwk") is a set of 17 sentences about verb tenses. Not everyone has done this, so only those children who have looked at 'perfect' verb tenses with me in class need to do this sheet. The top of the sheet contains a reminder about what to look for to identify each tense. Please don't print the sheet. Instead, write the numbers in your green book and just write the tense for each sentence. E.g. 1 - present progressive.


Any questions, see me before Friday 24th.


Mr B

10.03.23 - Homework

03.03.2023 - Homework

Usual drill for this one - a quiz with 20 questions and green books to be returned next Friday, please.

24.02.23 - Homework

Two tasks this week, to be completed in the green books and returned next Friday (3rd March). The first is the same as previous weeks, a 20 questions quiz.


The second is an activity with 9 questions about direct speech, which we have been working on in class this week. For this activity, the children need to write the numbers 1-9 and either write the correct sentence from the choice of four, or (for Qs 5-9) write the sentence with the inverted commas included. Hopefully that is self-explanatory once they look at the page. However, if they need any help, they can come and see me before Friday's deadline.


Thanks, Mr B

10.02.23 - Homework

To be returned on the first day back after half term, please. That's Monday 20the February. The pattern after that will revert to Friday setting for submission the following Friday.

03.02.23 - Homework

This week's homework is attached below. The instructions are the same as last week.


Your child(ren) might bring home an extra sheet or two to work on. This, again, is not new content but revision and practise of very specific things that they (often a small group) need to gain a little confidence in. If they do have an extra sheet, they will have had some input from one of the Kestrels team with the hope that the knowledge/skill is, and stays, fresh in their memory. As ever, contact me with any questions.


Mr B

27.01.23 - Homework

In your new, green homework books, write the numbers 1-20 and for each question of the quiz attached below, put the letter of the answer. There is no need to re-write the sentences or to explain why you think each one is the answer. You do need to think carefully back to the learning we have done in class, especially today's lesson on fragments of sentences. Please bring your green book back in with your homework completed by Friday 3rd February 2023.


There will be an activity like this most weeks between now and Easter and they are aimed at helping you to be clearer and more confident about when sentences and clauses start and end in your own writing so that you can punctuate it more accurately. If you have any questions or would like some help, please come to see me before the deadline and I will talk you through it.




Mr B

Spring 1 - Info. and documents

Welcome back to school and happy new year to all! I hope it was a lovely break and everyone is refreshed and ready for school this term.


Below are the usual documents - medium-term plan, timetable and knowledge organisers - for this half term. These contain lots of the information that you might need for the half term but, for ease of reference, I summarise forest school and PE dates below. 


As ever, if you have any questions at all, catch me at the gate, email or contact the office.


Mr B


Tuesday 10th January - Forest School - Yr 5, PE - Yr 6

Tuesday 17th January - Forest School - Yr 6, PE - Yr 5 (Bikeability is also this week for those signed up - I will minimise the disruption to forest school and PE)

Tuesday 24th January - Forest School - Yr 5, PE - Yr 6

Tuesday 31st January - Forest School - Yr 6, PE - Yr 5

Tuesday 6th February - Forest School - Yr 5, PE - Yr 6


Year 6 are timetabled to have one more session than year 5 in the summer term.

Autumn 2 documents

Below are the timetable, medium-term plan and knowledge organisers for this half term. Swimming will take place every Monday morning until Christmas. Please make sure that your child has their kit with them every week.

Welcome to Kestrels 2022-23!

A big welcome to the new year in Kestrels. Mrs Wilkinson, Mr Greavner, Mrs Wootton and I are looking forward to a fantastic year!


Attached below are:


- Long term plan

- Medium term plan for Autumn 1

- Timetable

- Knowledge organisers for Science and Humanities - these contain the key learning for these subjects for the coming half term at least


A few things to note:


- Mrs Wilkinson is teaching Kestrels on Tuesdays.

- Mr Greavner and Mrs Wootton are with Kestrels throughout the week, subject to Mrs Wootton working in forest school on Tuesdays and Mr Greavner providing PE across the school.

- Please for this half term is on Friday afternoons. Please send the children IN THEIR KIT and make sure they are prepared for cold or wet weather

- Please name ALL your children's belongings - they might be older but they do still lose things!

- There is no homework menu but we ask that your children read daily, practice their handwriting and spelling each week in their purple books and practice their times tables. Specific homework tasks might be issued as the year progresses to support the learning of individual children, groups of children or the whole class.


For those with children in year 6, please note that SATs are currently scheduled to take place in the week commencing Monday 8th May 2023. I will issue more information about that week nearer the time but please do not book any holiday for that week or in its build up.


As always, do not hesitate to see me or Mrs Wilkinson with any questions or concerns particular to your child or to Kestrels or email 


Mr Boast