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Positive Childhood Experiences

We want to children at Worstead to have positive childhood experiences! These are the amazing things that we believe should simply be a part of childhood, like rolling down a hill, performing on stage, joining a club or discovering something long-buried underground. Whilst these happen in lots of ways within our curriculum, we want to make sure that they are also designed in.


The Worstead Passport is where it is all recorded, and can be completed by parents/carers, activity providers or teachers. The important thing is not the number of stamps in the Passport, but the exploration of possibilities we can offer at school, and what we hope families will be able to do with their children. We group the positive childhood experiences into:

  • Art & Craft (e.g. cross-stitch sculpture)
  • Outward Bound (e.g. row a boat, explore the woods) 
  • Sports (e.g. orienteering, ice skating)
  • Organisations & Clubs (e.g. Brownies, Sea Scouts)
  • Experiences & Skills (e.g. stay away from home with friends, play conkers)
  • Cultural (e.g. watch a theatre production, visit an art gallery)


Every Worstead child will receive a Worstead Passport by the summer term of 2021.