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Our KS2 SATs Results 2022

During the pandemic, Year 6 SATs were cancelled by the government until May 2022. These recently-published 2022 SATs results are not officially 'accountable' due to the turbulent nature of education in the previous year.


However, as always, they clearly indicate the learning that has taken place for our oldest cohort of children as they leave our school and begin the next phase of education. This year's data measures the percentage of children reaching or exceeding the expected standard. This is known as attainment.


Worstead children this year, as in the pre-pandemic 2019 SATs year, have outperformed national averages by a significant margin, in every category. Success in the SATs means children are ready to achieve fully at high school. 


SUBJECTWorstead 2019 (vs. national)Worstead 2022 (vs. national) 
Reading81% (+8%)100% (+26%) 
Writing88% (+10%)82% (+13%) 
Maths81% (+2%)82% (+11%) 
Grammar, punctuation & spelling81% (+3%)100% (+28%) 
Combined RWM75% (+10%)82% (+23%) 


Congratulations to our 'Class of 2022' and good luck in Year 7!